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Evette Taylor-Reynolds

As the recently elected President of The Atlanta Jamaican Association, Inc. (AJA) for 2024, it is my pleasure to introduce the newly appointed executive board: 

  • Evette Taylor-Reynolds, MBA: President 

  • Cassandra Grant, MBA: Vice President 

  • Nadine Dixon, MBA: Treasurer 

  • Verna Morgan, MBA: Assistant Treasurer 

  • Hope McDonald, Realtor: Secretary 

  • Rev. Dr. Robert Shaw, PhD: Assistant Secretary 

  • Wayne Leslie, BSC: Parliamentarian 

  • Alton Clarke, MBA: Trustee 

  • Fabean James, Actor: Trustee 

Over the years, we have been dedicated to serving the local Atlanta community, and our commitment continues through collaborative efforts with the community. Our primary focus remains on the Rep Yuh Parish project, initiated in 2021, supporting three projects in Jamaica, along with our annual scholarship awards. 

Throughout the year, we will host a variety of events to share our culture, history, and foster networking opportunities. 

This year marks the 62nd anniversary of Independence since 1962, a significant milestone to celebrate the collective efforts of our people, from emancipation to Independence. From visionaries like Garvey to cultural icons like Bob Marley, Jamaica has become a brand encompassing food, sports, music, art, and dance, defining our 4244 square miles of excellence. The pride in our heritage is evident wherever we reside. 

Let's continue to showcase our piece of rock here in Atlanta. 

I extend heartfelt gratitude to all our members, spanning from 1977 to the present, as well as our sponsors, advertisers, and supporters of the AJA. Let's join hands in celebrating the remarkable journey from 1962 to now, commemorating 62 years of Independence. 


The mission of the Atlanta Jamaican Association, Inc. (AJA) is to foster goodwill and understanding among Jamaicans and all peoples in metro Atlanta, through civic, economic, cultural, and philanthropic programs and activities; and to provide assistance to Jamaicans living in the area and in Jamaica.  

Map of Jamaica
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Map of Metro Atlanta
Map of Atlanta Metro.jpg

We provide scholarship awards to deserving college-bound  students of Jamaican heritage in Jamaica and metro Atlanta to assist in their first-year college expenses.  

THE 2024 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS IS OPEN! Please click on the link below and download the application. Completed applications including all requested documents must be emailed by April 29, 2024 to be considered. Please share with any eligible students. 


Held on the second Saturday of each month at 6:00 pm (except August and December).


Invite a friend or two. Let's discuss new avenues to assist our community, both here in Atlanta and back home in Jamaica. Let's celebrate our culture, socialize and network. 

Meeting Venue:

Exchange Park Recreation Center
2771 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30034


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