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The Atlanta Jamaican Association Inc. (AJA) was founded on October 8, 1977 and incorporated on September 13, 1978 as a non-profit organization with 501© (4) status under the Internal Revenue Service Code.  The AJ Cultural and Educational Fund Inc. (AJCE), a subsidiary entity with 501© (3) status under the Internal Revenue Service Code, was established in 1995 for charitable and educational purposes.  It is intended to enable the Association to pursue some of its objectives more effectively. Any contributions it receives are tax deductible.


The goals of the Association were stated at the time in the following terms:


  • To obtain and maintain a permanent building to be used as Headquarters for the Association, and as a center of Jamaican culture in the Atlanta Area;

  • To provide information and counseling services to members.

  • To assist Jamaicans wherever possible in the pursuit of their educational objectives.

  • To inform members of job opportunities.

  • To provide housing information to Jamaicans entering the Atlanta area.

  • To keep abreast of political, social and economic developments in Jamaica and assist where possible.

  • To establish cultural ties with the city of Atlanta.

  • To foster unity within the Jamaican community in the Atlanta area.


  • Gillian Baccus

  • Neville Barrett

  • Wesley Barnes

  • Neville Bolton

  • Lascelles Buchanan

  • Mark Clark

  • L.P. Collymore

  • Cecil Davis

  • Denzil Dixon

  • Quo Vadis Dixon

  • Glenda Erskine

  • Noel Erskine

  • Lascelles Ferguson

  • Randy M. Hyman

  • A. Inerarity

  • Angelita Largie

  • G. Loundes

  • Ilene Lee Fong

  • Vincent Lee Fong

  • Ricky Leonard

  • Beverley McGann

  • Rudy McGann

  • Mike Mordecai

  • Yvonne Patterson

  • Juan Reid

  • Nancy Reid

  • Beverley Smith

  • Cecilia Smith

  • Errol Smith

  • Karl Verley

  • Milton White

  • Cecile Wynter

Founding Members

Cecelia Smith was the first President of the Association. Other presidents over the years are:

  • Dr. Juan Reid (1978)


  • Mike Mordecai (deceased) (1979)


  • Professor Bernard Headley (1980)


  • Denzil Dixon (Life Member) (1981)


  • Derrick Wright (Life Member) (1982-86)


  • Dr, Noel Erskine (1987-89 & 1992)


  • Vin Martin, Esq. (deceased) (1990)


  • Allan Alberga, Esq. (1991 & 2004-2007)

  • Anthony Winkler (deceased) (1993-94)


  • Astley Leslie (deceased) (1995 & 1997-2000)


  • Monica Pinnock (1996)


  • Derrick Harvey (2000-2002 & 2008-2009)


  • Brian Carter, (2003)


  • Errol Ritchie (2010-2013)

  • Alan Stewart (2014- 2017)

  • William Gray (2018-2020)

Former Presidents

Today AJA is the oldest Jamaican organization in metro Atlanta. Its many activities and accomplishments include:


  • Supporting students of Jamaican heritage in Atlanta and Jamaica through its scholarship program

  • Promoting Jamaican Independence Week activities, in collaboration with other Jamaican organizations

  • Providing a network of support for Jamaicans living in Atlanta

  • Organizing an annual family fun day and many civic, social and cultural functions

  • Sponsoring an annual Toy Drive for needy children in the area

  • Donating educational items to schools, and medical items to health facilities in Jamaica

  • Providing support to many charitable organizations in Jamaica

Lasting Impact
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