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Full membership is open to individuals of Jamaican Nationality and their families, that is, their spouse and children under eighteen years of age, or twenty-five, if a full-time student at an accredited educational institution. A person may choose to take "single membership" or "family membership" under this provision.



Full membership is open to individuals of Jamaican Nationality



Student membership is open to individuals under the age of eighteen years or under the age of twenty-five (if a full-time student at an accredited educational institution). It is the duty of the Membership Committee to satisfy itself as to the full-time status of the student.



Associate membership is open to non-Jamaicans;

However, an individual who is a fully paid-up member of another Caribbean Organization and who becomes an Associate Member of this association shall pay $45 in annual dues.



Member Type

Association, fellowship and networking with Jamaicans and others through meetings, events, committee participation, etc.

Monthly meetings often featuring cultural presentations or renowned guest speakers on Jamaican culture, government, business, education and other fields (includes a social hour)

Regular newsletter and other correspondence

Opportunities to give back to Jamaicans in need in the metro Atlanta area and in Jamaica

Resource for sharing job opportunities

Resource for providing information on Jamaican businesses, professional and other services, cultural programs etc., for Jamaicans new to the Atlanta metro area

Discounts on the annual AJA Independence Ball and other special AJA events

Negotiated discounts with other organizations and Caribbean businesses for events, products and services

Celebration of birthdays and other major milestones

Bereavement support

Opportunities to propose and spearhead new events

Opportunity for your business - if applicable - to be spotlighted in the AJA newsletter



Affiliate membership shall be open to any community organization in metro Atlanta, whose mission includes assisting or supporting Jamaican youth and/or adults in metro Atlanta or in Jamaica.

*Membership dues for each ensuing year become due and payable on the fist day of October, However, indivduals who become new members on or after April 1, shall pay one-half the relevant membership dues until October. Only those Full Members whose dues for the ensuing year are paid in full on or before the second Saturday in October in any given year and Life Members are eligible to vote at the election of Officers in that year. Click here to download the By Laws of AJA.


Click PDF icon below to open and print form OR scroll down to complete application online.

New Members only: Use option - with "Reason for Payment"  - below to pay prorated fee of 50% of Individual or Family rate between April 1 and   September 30. Full fee to renew after. Indicate "New membership (50%)" as reason for payment.  

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