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The Executive Board is comprised of:

  •  President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Assistant Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Assistant Treasurer

  • Parliamentarian

  • Two Trustees

Elections are held annually in October to fill all positions, with the exception of those for the trustees who are appointed by the president and subsequently voted in by the membership. One trustee position is currently unfilled.


For an extract of the Bylaws outlining responsibilities, please click here.


Standing Committees and Current Chairpersons:


  • MEMBERSHIP:                                        Mr. Leo Gordon

  • PUBLIC RELATIONS & MARKETING:     Ms. Jannice O'Shea

  • EDUCATION:                                            Ms. Cassandra Grant.

  • FAMILY RELATIONS:                               Ms. Melissa Moore

  • BUILDING:                                               Vacant

  • FINANCE:                                                Mr. Alton Clarke, Mrs. Sandra Williams

  • CULTURAL                                              Mr. Fabian James

  • YOUNG PERSONS:                                 Ms. Dawnette Lounds-Culp

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • 2022 INDEPENDENCE BALL                Mrs. Sandra Williams


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