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AJA's 2023 Calendar of Events

January 14            Quarterly Meeting

February 12          Black History Month Celebration

March 11              Women's History Month Celebration

April 8                  Quarterly Meeting

April 29                Scholarship Application Deadline

May 13                  Monthly Meeting / Mother's Day Recognition

May 20                  Interviews of Scholarship Applicants

May TBD              HI-5K Run Walk - Office of the Consulate-General

JUNE                     Caribbean Heritage Month Activities

June 10                  Monthly Meeting / Father's Day Recognition

July 8                     Quarterly Meeting / Scholarship announcements

August 1               Cultural Showcase

August 12             Independence Ball & Scholarship Awards

September 9         Monthly Meeting

September 10       Annual Family Fun Day

October 14            Annual Meeting 

November 11       Monthly Meeting

December 2          Annual Christmas Party & Toy Drive

              FOR COMMITTEES' FUNDRAISING EVENTS AND                                                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:                                             

 Telephone: 404-777-9593



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